Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ellen White and Godhead.

 Who was the first, second, and third highest being in heaven before the fall?

“The Son of God was next in authority to the great Lawgiver. He knew that His life alone could be sufficient to ransom fallen man.” (Ellen White, Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 2, page 9, also in Lift Him Up, page 24) 

“Satan’s position in heaven had been next to the Son of God. He was first among the angels.” (Ellen White, Selected Messages, book 1, page 341)

Please note that Christ was next in authority behind his father.  The third highest being was none other than Satan himself. 

“Lucifer in heaven, before his rebellion, was a high and exalted angel, next in honor to God’s dear Son.” {The Story of Redemption, p.15}

“Satan, the chief of the fallen angels, once had an exalted position in Heaven. He was next in honor to Christ.” (Ellen White, Review & Herald, February 24, 1874) 

“Speaking of Satan, our Lord says that “he abode not in the truth.” He was once the covering cherub, glorious in beauty and holiness. He was next to Christ in exaltation and character. It was with Satan that self-exaltation had its origin. He became jealous of Christ, and falsely accused him, and then laid blame upon the Father. He was envious of the position that was held by Christ and the Father, and he turned from his allegiance to the Commander of heaven and lost his high and holy estate.” (Ellen White, Review & Herald, October 22, 1895) 

Note:  Christ and the father are the highest beings in heaven.  Satan wanted to be like God.  He wasn’t envious of a Holy Spirit being.  He wanted to be part of a trinity of beings.  He became jealous of the son of God.  Now on this planet he has declared there is a trinity of beings to be worshipped.  When the father and son alone are to be exalted.  He has created a false God.

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