Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is Jesus Self-existent?

Does the Bible say that Jesus "self-existed"?

The trinity means; three self existed, co-equal co-eternal person made up one God. Do we have this teaching in the Bible? No. Do we ever read in the Bible “three person made up one God”? No.

We have ONE GOD and the Father of all. We have the Son and we have the Holy Spirit. Do we read anywhere in the Bible "this three made ONE GOD" No. then we doesn’t have the trinity in the Bible.

We have three Holy Person:

1. God the Father

2. The Son

3. The Holy Spirit

EGW use the word “Godhead” for this three person. Why? Because she knew the word "trinity" means something else then the word Godhead. The trinity entered the Christianity world 1500 years before EGW. She knew the teaching of the trinity very well and she knew what the word “trinity” means and she never ever used it. This is because the word ‘trinity’ automatically conveys to the human mind the idea of ‘three-in-one’ (tri-unity) whereas the word ‘Godhead’ contains no such meaning.